Wild nords

The Wild Nords are fast becoming one of the hottest slot games on the Internet casino slot machines. Playing as the brave warrior or brave Nord you are tasked with quests and missions to accomplish while braving the perils and dangers of the Wild Nords and other enemies that might lay in wait. Playing with the Wild Nords is more like playing a medieval role playing game where you take on the persona of a Viking conqueror and leader of your clan. They have special skills which range from physical to mental and magical skills which can be improved by gaining experience points. If you win on a Wild Nord slot machine you not only get to defeat other players but also earn points towards your character development and level up.

The Wild Nords game is taking players to the realm of Nordic warriors and dark savages. Fully unhinged they will strike the reels with their amazing magic and force to trigger a full respin and turn their wooden shields into malleable symbols to make massive wins of up to 1000x bet. You start the game as a lowly Copper farmer who has decided to venture into uncharted waters and earn some money for himself. What you don’t know is that your neighbor in house, a skilled Wild Nord has been invited by the Goddess of Wildness to stay at her farm for a certain period of time and to do his part in trying to tame the Wild Nords. When you arrive on the scene of your new friend’s home you come face to face with a Wild Nord gang of fearless warriors ready to attack anyone who so much as sets foot on their grounds. However, with their leader, the clever copper farmer, you are given the opportunity to earn points and level up before heading out to take on the Wild Nords themselves.

What makes this slot machine so engaging and interesting though is that it also employs a unique ‘pay-both-ways’ mechanic where you can win as many spins as you want and rack up huge jackpots while you play. This effectively means that you never get bored with Wild Nords because there are always new challenges waiting outside your house for you to take on. On the other hand, players who are looking for fast paced slots with guaranteed payout should avoid playing Wild Nords because it only takes a mere five reels to pay-off and that with a maximum of two players. Players interested in securing the fastest payoff should therefore avoid playing Wild Nords because it only takes about seven spins for you to earn around 250 dollars. There is no denying though that Wild Nords offers one of the most exciting casino games currently available, thanks to the video slot machines ability to provide exciting visuals and sound effects.

Wild Nords video slot machine is not like other slot games in that it does not feature reels that spin. What this essentially means is that you can practically create your own windfall, literally. You can do this by carefully choosing the jackpot values for each reel. More importantly, choosing which Wild symbol you would like to add to your reel will significantly impact how much money you can expect to earn from playing wild. The game allows you to set various symbols ranging from the usual wooden shields to more exotic looking cartoon Wild symbols that can potentially double or even triple your initial investment.

The game certainly has a few disadvantages. For example, due to the random nature of Wild Nords, it is possible that you may end up picking up on wrong symbols and wind up playing with symbols that do not have any value. Another downside to Wild Nords is that you are not able to manually reset the Wild symbols that you have chosen to place on your reel. In fact, since the game features an auto-generated selection every time you log in, you are left guessing at which symbols your opponents are holding.

Despite these negatives, Wild Nords is still one of the best slot machine games around today. It features great graphics and a unique take on the slot machine experience. One of the most exciting features of the game is the “Nords Bonus” feature which allows players to double their bankroll without having to play a single spin. If you have never played a Wild Nord online slot game before, it is definitely recommended that you give it a try. With its exciting and varied graphics and its guaranteed payout of large amounts of cash, you have absolutely nothing to lose.