Riddle of the sphinx

Riddle Of The Sphinx is a casino slot game that offers the same old gameplay as its predecessors, but with a few twists. You still get the traditional three-reel, progressive slot game with the random door effects, but this time you’re not dealing with a crab or the like. Instead, you’re going up against a giant pygmy hippo with a riddle for every spin you make. And the riddle has an impact on the outcome of the spins, because if you give the wrong answer the animal simply disappears, but if you get it right you’ll be rewarded with a higher score. And winning points are just the icing on the cake – there’s a temple to go to too, with plenty of mini-games and other activities to keep you occupied.

Riddle Of The Sphinx is a relatively new slot machine from Cryptic Studios, which bills itself as a “retelling adventure”. If that’s what you’re looking for, well I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. This reed is a pure luck game, where you’re either going to get the right answer, or you’ll get nothing. This is not a question of probability with the Sphinx – it’s a game of chance. In terms of payouts, there are only five reels and twenty five icons on the table, so you’d expect this to be a games where you’d walk away with something like, “You rolled your eyes, but the cards fell out of alignment.”

This is actually a very nice little game, because it reminds me a little bit of the mystery pick up games that I used to play when I was in college. In those games a player had to solve a riddle or fill in a secret code in order to get to the next level. It’s kind of like that simplified version of American Idol with a little bit more depth. If you want to check out Riddle Of The Sphinx, you can download the demo for free, where you’ll find the exact same interface and all of the same options (including the riddle solving! ).