Reel king mega

Play Reel King Mega in single-spin mode & earn up to 250k. The rewambling king returns once again in an improved version of his original Reel King slot game. Focusing on the payline option, Reel King Mega has a profitable daily jackpot with exciting progressive jackpots. Beginners will certainly enjoy the ease of play and even more experienced slot players will enjoy the high-risk, high-reward gambling feature which can be activated when a winning combination is formed.

Reel King Mega features the same artwork as its predecessors allowing for a great degree of familiarity with both game systems. In addition to the single-spinning reels, reel kings feature the traditional jokers and number icons found on other Reel Machines of past releases. All classic icons are present, including the classic “A” (triple) or “B” (double). The “M” design in the upper left corner of the reel icon is no longer there. This change, however, does not affect the ability to tell the different reels apart. Although the icons are different, the reels are the same size and a player can easily tell a Mega Machines from the real thing.

There are several unique and interesting free spin options in this version of Reel King. As was the case with the original version of this slot machine, you can activate the bonus features after a win to instantly double your winnings! Additionally, each time you place a bet, you can receive one free spin to replace it on another bet. Although Reel King Mega may seem similar to the classic game, it offers all of the fun and quality of a modern day casino slot machine without any of the negative side effects. With a maximum of three coins in each hand and unlimited free spins, this is the perfect option for a family or friend looking to keep something close to their heart. With the addition of five new bonus features, including an iron bet, and the classic reel king design, this version of Reel King will surely continue to be a top seller.