New year riches

New Year Riches is a casino slot machine that comes complete with graphics. It is a game that is easy to understand and play because it consists of mainly pairs of figures and arrows. The graphics include what is called “tuck look” where in the figures are T-shaped wedges and circles that Tuck all the way to the left into a corner. This enables a player to earn more points if they get it right. In addition, it has a red dot indicator to show that the ball is in flight. There are five reels and each pair has four rows.

Another feature that sets New Year Riches apart from other slots games is the bonus feature where it allows you to double your bankroll, even when you are on the losing end. When you play this machine, you can win cash twice the amount of money that you put in. This is done by loading the machine with coins and paying the base price only then. You do not have to pay extra when you win and since you have doubled your initial investment you will still be playing at half price. If you want to double your bankroll and want to try this feature, then you must load more coins than the base price.

The main attraction of New Year Riches lies in the progressive multiplier. It works in a very simple manner whereby you accumulate credits instead of money when you win spins. Over time, these credits add up to huge amounts. Once you reach a set limit, then you will need to reload so that you can win more spins. With the progressive multiplier, you can be sure to win big jackpots every time you play this slot machine.