Neon links

Neon Links Video Slot Game Review. Neon Links is an updated 5 reel video slot machine with 10 paylines. Nowadays, 10 lines is not quite a big number that people would expect to get from taking in a ball at the casino; even when considering that Neon Links has a very low to mid volatility slot machine. When it comes to analysis, I think the question we have to ask ourselves is this: does it cost more to play neon links than it does to play a traditional slot machine? If you are looking for a simple, basic casino game then I think the answer to that is no. However if you are looking for something a little more challenging, then I think the answer becomes a resounding yes.

When we look at the payout rate and the fact that it is linked to the actual jackpot, we see a clear pattern emerge. The more people who play on the links, the larger the jackpot size will be. And the larger the jackpot size the bigger the percentage of people who will hit upon a jackpot will be, meaning the more neon lights there are on the machine the larger the amount of people who will hit it.

We can also conclude this based on two other factors. One of these being that it uses classic fruit machine symbols. A lot of the slot games we have played, whether they have winnings of real money or not, use classic symbols to represent the jackpots or prizes. Neon Links may be different, but if you want to play a unique, challenging, high payout slot game then I suggest going with neon links.