Cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are a casino slot game that is easy to learn. Play at different denominations and payouts to suit your bankroll. Use the tabs to track your winnings. The Cherry Blossoms icon at the top of the screen will display the current amount of money you have earned and if you are near the maximum payout, it will enlarge to show a bright light. This means that you have earned more money than you could spend, so save it!

The traditional Japanese theme is also present through Cherry Blossoms. Look out for fans, bells, lanterns and a large temple on all the reels. The latter is also the highest payer of all the symbols featured on the slot machine. When paying with real money, the highest paying symbols are always highlighted on the paying slots.

The Cherry Blossoms slot machine offers a number of interesting features not seen in other slot machines. When you see the ” max bet” icon along the top left corner of the screen, this signifies that the player has spent the maximum amount of money allowed by the payline. Payouts can be made in one of three ways: through Cherry Blossoms, with a cherry blossom ticket or without a cherry blossom ticket. Further, paying with a regular casino coin will not give you extra paylines, but will increase your cash stack. When paying with coins, winning combinations are doubled – 3 coins for a combo of two and five coins for a combo of seven or more coins.