Double the devil

The Double The Devil slots is definitely a popular casino game among both old and new casino goers. The Double The Devil slot is ideal for a quick and dirty

New year riches

New Year Riches is a casino slot machine that comes complete with graphics. It is a game that is easy to understand and play because it consists of mainly pairs

Egyptian king

When the Egyptian King, Cleopatra visited the Greek Islands in 14th century BC, she was fascinated by the beauty of the landscape and fell in love with the country of

Fortune pig

The Fortune Pig is among many East Asian themed slot machines to receive a huge boost in popularity in late 2021 due to the shift to a new Chinese year

Wild robo factory

For the uninitiated Wild Robo Factory is an online casino game similar to Roulette, Craps or Keno. This is not your average casino game though; instead it’s a high tech

Dragon horn

Dragon Horn… it’s everywhere. From the ads on TV, to the pop culture references on the internet, people seem to be pretty high on this hot new casino game. This


Luchadora casino game is a high tech flash game that shows you the exciting action of an airplane flight. It is set to a backdrop of the Wild West and

Wild blood 2

One of the best looking slot games on the internet is Wild Blood 2. I’m a huge fan of this classic arcade style game and if you’re interested in trying